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The knowledge of music is a gift and an appreciation that carries on way further into your life. At our private music classes we offer young children and adults this same awareness to create their own path to an enriching lifelong interest!
Choose a 1-1 teaching system that is personalized to your strengths, with flexible timing available; classes range from beginner to advanced lessons and students will have many performance opportunities to develop a confidence in improvising and playing their instruments. Come in with a passion and leave with a bigger passion... oh, plus a music certification.
We are also very excited about our group classes that are educational but loads of fun! Aimed towards cultivating co-working interactive experiences; it’s important for us to teach students to know and understand their part in a larger ensemble and to respond in the right way, thus a collaborative effort.
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Musikgarten’s core principle – all children are musical.


The most ideal instrument to start your musical journey!


The best instrument due to versatility, cost and portability.
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Heart & Soul of Clemantee Music

Our Teachers

Mr. Wong Khye Mun

Director Piano | Production
Ms. Tee Ying Yi
Principal Piano | Musikgarten Programme
Ms. Frances Tsen
Educator Vocals
Ms. Rachel Wee
Educator Piano


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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us, it seems like a journey with no end in mind. But we still find ways to remain positive and adapt to new changes
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